Yrityksille ja Ryhmille – For Groups and Corporations

Corporate sailing and teambuilding events for 2017


Recreational events

We offer tailor made sailing events for companies. Head out for a day sail outside Helsinki, invite your clients on an all inclusive sailing event or go racing – we are happy to assist you with all necessary arrangements for a successful event. We also do  Tallinn and St. Petersburg.

We also offer programs improving teamwork and understanding in different working and communal environments:

Challenge Re-Wire 

 Creating Impact with Insight

Take a fresh look…

We are offering you the opportunity to take a different perspective at what you do and how you do it. This exclusive, high impact, two-day programme enables delegates to put principals into practise, while maintaining a fun and focused atmosphere.

There is a practical waterborne part of the programme; which is underpinned with rigour.


  create winning mindset

  understand what makes you tick

  develop improved relationships

  recognise and explore your blind spots

  discover your unrealised edge






Through identifying individual and group potential.

  • Challenge Re-Wire is tried and tested in a number of environments, with different teams from a variety of industries and sectors.

This programme will challenge you for the better and help you create an even more dynamic ans focused workspace. Drawing on fifteen years experience, working with and leading high performance teams in challenging environments, with an academic background in psychology and philosophy Adam Tuffnell developed this programme for maximum impact in today’s complex working environment.

”Creating the environment for you to have deeper understanding and greater insight”

The program is in cooperation between UK based Onefathom and Southern Ocean Company.  The event will be held in English and facilitated by Adam Tuffnell and Sebastian Gylling.

Adam 2

Adam Tuffnell

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Yrityksille ja ryhmille 2017

Tarjoamme puoli- ja päiväpurjehduksia yrityksille ja ryhmille. Lähde viettämään rento päivä keskelle kauneinta merellistä Helsinkiä. Voitte valita valmiin ohjelmapaketin tai vaihtoehtoisesti omien toivomuksienne mukaisen purjehduksen. Meiltä hoituu kaikki käytännön järjestelyt. Ohjelmassa myös Tallinna, saunaristeilyt, kisat jne.

Tiedustelut: Käytä yhteydenottolomaketta, tai lähetä viesti suoraan socmiukuswan51eira.com

Företag och grupper 2017

Vi erbjuder högklassiga seglings evenemang för företag och grupper. Utöver de vanliga halv och dagsuthyrningarna kan vi även skräddarsy specialprogram för mera krävande tillställningar.

Förfrågningar: Använd kontaktformuläret, eller sänd epost till socmiukuswan51eira.com